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The Cuba AIDS Project schedules small groups (20 people or less) to travel to, from and widely within Cuba several times a year to facilitate the mission of the Cuba AIDS Project throughout Cuba. Trips are 7 - 10 days duration. HIV/AIDS in Cuba is not merely a disease of urban areas. HIV/AIDS prevalence is increasing throughout Cuba. The efforts of the Cuba AIDS Project increasingly address rural areas of Cuba. The itinerary of each trip includes daily meetings with healthcare professionals and others in a variety of settings: hospitals, rural clinics, schools, churches, private homes, paladares, and casa particulares. Before and after regularly scheduled daily activities, travelers will have time to pursue relevant interests regarding the mission of the Project. Direct contact with HIV/AIDS patients is a requirement. Travel and activities in Cuba must comply with all USA Department. of the Treasury laws, rules and regulations pertinent to the Cuba AIDS Project Specific License. See CUBA SANCTIONS.

What you need to do if you want to participate:
1.) Contact Costa at 973-876-9828 to briefly discuss your interest and qualifications for attendance (see Qualification Requirements below).
2.) Once you have been "pre-qualified", download the registration packet and other related documents located here. **Please note that even after pre-qualification, a final decision on your ability to participate cannot be made until we have received your registration packet, supporting documentation and registration fee.
3.) Send in your registration packet, supporting documentation and registration fee. (If you do not qualify, your registration fee will be returned).
4.) We will contact you within a few days to begin helping you with your travel arrangements.

  • Qualification Requirements-

    Cuba AIDS Project Symposium participants are carefully scrutinized to make sure that they fall under the provisions of our OFAC licensing guidelines. All participants will need to provide documentation supporting their conformance to those guidelines. Those guidelines are as follows:
    ALL Cuba AIDS Project symposium participants must be either:
    1.) Certified healthcare providers (nurses, doctors, counselors, etc)
    2.) Translators fluent in both English and Spanish (these positions will be limited)
    3.) HIV/AIDS workers/volunteers with documented proof of at least 3 years service

    Financial Requirements:

  • Registration Fee - The Cuba AIDS Project registration fee is $395 and is required for all symposium participants. This is how we keep ourselves funded and is tax-deductible. Included in your registration fee is the right to travel under our license and also our help with making all your travel arrangements.









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